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OR Vision™ wearables solution

Small, lightweight, wearable computers with transparent displays for hands free use.  Our wearables are designed for use in hospitals and provide an ideal platform for providing medical device technical support to the entire clinical staff during live surgeries.

Features and Benefits

High Performance & Ease of Use

  • Monitor, webcam and microphone built into lightweight glasses optimized for use in operating rooms

  • Crystal clear audio and video communications with a 12-megapixel camera

  • Voice, gesture & eye movement control and operation of device – supports multiple languages

  • Quick start with short training and on-screen help to navigate all tasks

  • Receive important notifications and complete application navigation with voice dictation

Robust Design

  • 8 hours battery life on single charge; hot-swap external battery packs for extended usage.

  • WIFI & Bluetooth

  • Durable safety frames, waterproof, dustproof and fast USB-C charging

Specialized Operating Room Features

  • Moves in and out of the operating room with ease

  • Easy approval through bio-engineering and sterilization

  • Very simple to support, maintain and replace

  • Remote device reps can see inside the sterile field to answer device questions:  highlight & annotate patient positioning, implants, and instruments for the operating room staff to see

  • Remote vendor can display images of surgical trays and tools directly to the scrub tech’s field of vision on demand

  • Turns any scrub tech or operating room staff into a medical device product expert.

Vuzix - Surgeon - 2020-05-22_8-09-19.jpg
The Virtual Vendor™ OR Vision™ is designed to run on the Vuzix M-Series platform.  Using the semi-transparent screen located in the upper right-hand side of the glasses, we display application menus, video calls, images of surgical trays, tools and even IFU’s or surgical technique manuals to the scrub tech or operating room staff in an area that occupies only small % of their field of vision, allowing complete view of the surgery while maintaining a live connection to the medical device expert who is online and supporting the case remotely.
Vuzix in surgery 02  - 2020-05-22_9-32-0
During a surgery, the vendors job is to keep the scrub tech one step ahead of the surgeon and answer any questions the surgeon may have on the implants or instruments.  
When the scrub tech needs clarification on any implant or instrument, the remote vendor can see exactly what the scrub tech sees and even highlight and annotate equipment without ever having to enter the sterile field – or the hospital for that matter.
Vuzix-m300xl - 2020-05-22_8-55-21.jpg

Never-ending need for efficiency

Innovation is critical to healthcare.  Designed specifically for remote medical device field support, the Virtual Vendor Operating Room Vision™   application provides a simple, elegant and powerful solution for device manufacturers to provide expanded technical support coverage on medical devices during live surgeries
Vuzix  Scrub Tech - 2020-05-22_8-07-15.j
Vuzix Doctor 02 - 2020-05-22_8-08-47.jpg


Our most recent edition of Vuzix M-Series Operating Room Vision™ is designed specifically for professional use, especially in environments such as hospitals. Our wearable solutions can combine artificial intelligence, augmented reality and object recognition to provide real-time visual and audio references and key decision-making support.


They’re easy to operate and allow users to work with both hands.  They are capable of full voice control and can allow voice commands and dictation notes to be taken on the spot to provide optimum mobility and information access for the wearer.  They allow the RDE™ to see what the operating room staff is doing and seeing. They allow clear view of all patient positioning angles from anywhere – whenever necessary.

Vuzix M-Series - 2020-05-22_9-27-50.jpg

Tele-expertise / Telepresence

The Virtual Vendor Wearables solution is a hands-free device for smarter and faster medical device technical support.  It provides all the information a surgeon and clinical staff need in the periphery of their line of sight and it does not interfere with anything in the sterile field or the entire surgical environment. 

Innovative Technology and hard cost savings

vuzix m300xl - 2020-05-22_8-56-14.jpg

This unique solution allows surgeons, vendors and hospital staff to collaborate in ways that have not been possible before.  Surgeons can now receive the same expert advice, even when their rep is halfway around the world.  This product drives efficiencies and creates hard dollars savings with every surgery covered.  It is a tactical solution for manufacturers and healthcare providers in dealing with continuing pricing pressure as well as the rising volume of surgeries in coming months and years.  Our solution is as simple as it is powerful and healthcare providers receive the benefits of reduced administration costs, avoiding on-site Covid-19 vendor testing and less traffic in and around their operating rooms. 

Real world Results

·         Hands-free access to all information regarding implants, instruments along with direct audio-video connection to vendors.


·         Real-time, see-what-I-see communication for remote collaboration and support from RDE™ and remote cover reps.


·         Hands-free, point-of-view examination of patient positioning, implants trays and tables (audio and visual),


·         A vast reduction in risk and the overall need for time-consuming administrative Covid-19 testing of on-site vendors.


·         The ability for vendors to cover multiple cases in one day, even multiple cases simultaneously.


·         Critical savings in time (medical device field support, pre-op tasks, x-rays, travel, post-op tasks).

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