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Remote Field Support Module (RFSM)

For Manufacturers, Distributors and Reps

Streamline operations and more efficiently manage orthopedic surgeries and all associated administrative tasks across the so called “last mile” of the supply chain

R E M O T E    F I E L D   S U P P O R T    M O D U L E 

Benefits to Device Manufacturers

  • Improved sales force utilization and top line improvements

  • More comprehensive case coverage including trauma and remote healthcare facilities locations

  • Improved technical support with advanced digital product catalogs

  • Logistics automation and supply chain features

  • Accelerated cash cycles through automated billing and EMR integrations.

  • Training & onboarding efficiency improvements

Benefits to Healthcare Providers

  • Improved quality of patient care through vastly enhanced technical support tools

  • Reduced SSIs with less people in and out of the operating room

  • HIPAA firewall & secure data exchange with vendors resulting in reduced privacy risks (PHI)

  • Improved case scheduling & management

  • Remote surgeon collaboration tools for proctoring and training

  • Robotics technical support platform

In the Surgery Module, the remote expert can see and support the case as if he/she were physically present in the operating room. 
Surgery Full Screen 2020-08-29_22-24-37.
Advanced TeleExpertise tools allow the remote expert to share information quickly and easily with the scrub tech and operating room staff.
Surgery Tray View 1 2020-08-29_22-28-55.
surgery tray view 3 2020-08-29_22-35-48.
Surgery tray View 2 2020-08-29_22-32-30.
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