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The strength of Virtual First's combined offerings for NEXT-GEN medical device operations

Virtual First Inc, a U.S.-based healthcare technology provider, enables medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers to better monitor, understand and support orthopedic surgeries and associated supply chain demands.  Virtual First is a leading innovator in TeleExpertise™ technology, which offers the ability to provide advanced remote surgical field support via collaboration tools amongst geographically dispersed healthcare providers and medical device industry experts.  Our innovative solutions are focused on supporting the “last mile” of the medical device supply chain by simplifying technical support and coordinating inventory operations before, during and after surgery.

Virtual First Inc solutions for medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers include:

  • Case Management and Scheduling (procedure and operating room scheduling)

  • Supply Chain Optimization (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

  • Inventory Logistics Automation (Instruction Sets and Surgeon Preferences)

  • Remote Surgical Field Support (TeleExpertise™)

  • Healthcare Provider EMR Interoperability (Integration and Connectivity with existing systems)

End-To-End Capabilities....

Platform Workflow 2022-01-09_17-03-42.png

A N   A D V A N C E D , S A A S - B A S E D  H A R D W A R E /  S O F T W A R E   P L A T F O R M

D E V E L O P E D   F O R   M E D I C A L    D E V I C E   M A N U F A C T U R E R S   A N D   H E A L T H C A R E   P R O V I D E R S 

T O    M O R E    E F F I C I E N T L Y  M A N A G E    O R T H O P E D I C    S U R G E R I E S   A N D 

A L L   A S S O C I A T E D    A D M I N I S T R A T I V E    T A S K S 

 A C R O S S    T H E   S O    C A L L E D    " L A S T    M I L E "   O F   T H E   S U P P L Y    C H A I N.

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