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The Company

We're changing the medical device paradigm by introducing a new way of doing business and empowering our clients with the ability to reduce the cost of orthopedic surgeries while improving top line performance.  We develop and deliver integrated software and hardware solutions to medical device manufacturers and surgical centers to more efficiently manage orthopedic surgeries and all associated administrative tasks across the so called “last mile” of the supply chain.

For a fraction of the cost of the current paradigm, the Virtual Vendor™ platform completely transforms the work traditionally performed by medical device companies by allowing offsite experts to interact seamlessly with hospital personnel before, during and after surgeries.  In addition to improving the quality of patient care through more immediate and comprehensive technical and procedural information, the platform automates adjacent information-processing activities such as case scheduling, logistics management, onboarding, training and a myriad of other processes that now burden the health care system

Innovation, Communication, Collaboration and Trust are the values that drive Virtual First Inc. Honesty, Integrity and Community are guiding principles that we embody to create a corporate culture that’s well suited to drive our business philosophy.

Virtual First is a double bottom line company that creates collaborative communities among hospitals, surgical centers, sales representatives, medical device manufacturers and physicians - all with a common goal:  improving the quality of patient care, lowering costs and improving top line performance through advanced technology that allows device manufacturers and healthcare providers to collaborate in ways that were previously not possible.

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