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Virtual Inc Technology

Virtual First Inc recognized early on - well before the Covid-19 pandemic galvanized the industry to create remote access to hospitals - the need for a medical device end-to-end solution that combined not only TeleExpertise™ functionality but also the integration of the medical device supply chain and key EMR functions. 

Until now, both medical device companies and healthcare providers have been stymied by inadequate technology along with their own organizational inertia.  Catalyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic, an interoperability mega-play between medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers began in 2020 and is ongoing. This mega-play, fueled by cutting edge technology, is still in its infancy and was born from the need for more robust business continuity processes, cost containment and pricing demands.


Virtual First Inc is a pioneer in this new technology-enabled medical device landscape.  Our technology is aimed at enhancing the medical device customer journey through advanced technical support both in the hospital and ambulatory surgical center settings and across the supply chain.


Medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers choosing to follow this path and incorporate the integrated Virtual Vendor™ platform will build trusted healthcare brands and create customized care solutions powered by the latest technologies, like TeleExpertise™, augmented reality and machine learning. Our technology offers an advantage - allowing the creation of new revenue streams and increased market share through integrated offerings that are designed to minimize costs and maximize experience.


Success will not be grounded solely in financial projections, but rather deep customer insights and expanded connectivity along with enhanced product offerings.  Global industry executives are already beginning to boldly reimagine the orthopedic market of the future, considering multiple possibilities – including configurations that extend beyond the boundaries of today’s value chain.

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