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for Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Virtual Vendor™ is a secure, HIPAA-compliant SaaS solution that lowers the cost of orthopedic surgeries by providing remote access technology, case coordination and inventory logistics tools between medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers.

Access to healthcare facilities has become complicated and unpredictable while cost containment pressure related to surgical procedures continues to increase. The VFI platform allows healthcare providers to receive the best remote medical device technical support available during live surgeries while coordinating procedure data with device suppliers through workflow enhancements between the operating room, their sales representatives and all Backoffice systems.


For a fraction of the cost of the current paradigm, the Virtual Vendor™ platform completely transforms the work traditionally performed by medical device companies by allowing offsite experts to interact seamlessly with hospital personnel before, during and after surgeries.

VFI’s innovative solutions are focused on supporting the “last mile” of the medical device supply chain by simplifying technical support and coordinating orthopedic surgery logistics operations.

A proprietary HIPAA Firewall™ protects and controls access to PHI. Tight access controls ensure compliance to industry standards.

Three (3) core competencies fuel the functionality that drives efficiency between healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers.

These features can be used independently, on-demand or together for the most comprehensive, end-to-end SaaS solution available in the orthopedic market today

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Virtual Vendor™ is intuitive, simple-to-use and in addition to remote support, automates adjacent information-processing activities such as onboarding, training and staff education, as well as a myriad of other processes that currently burden the health care system. This unique solution allows surgeons, device manufacturers, and hospital staff to collaborate in ways not previously possible
VFI’s technology delivers continuous improvements in healthcare facility performance, driving productivity, margin, efficiency and asset velocity across the entire orthopedic market segment. Metrics that include: OR Utilization & Scheduling Accuracy, Case Start Timeliness, Case Cancellations, OR Turnover time, Surgeon Turnover time, and Medical Device Inventory Utilization and Turn Ratios. 
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces paper use across the organization

  • Monitor usage and reimbursement for implants with real-time inventory consumption

  • Revenue cycle improvements by tracking contractual variances in implant inventory consumption

  • Machine learning predictive analysis to help forecast implant needs and optimize inventory

Features and Benefits

Lower operational costs and improve quality of patient care

  • Enables more knowledgeable and capable healthcare provider staff.

  • Increase revenues through higher daily case volume.

  • More comprehensive case coverage for orthopedic surgeries across geographically dispersed facility locations.

  • Operating room utilization gains through advanced scheduling features and supply chain coordination. Supports Integration with existing EMR and supply chain systems.

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry for Surgeon and OR staff into disparate systems and reduces antiquated paper processes.

  • Automatically synchronizes the supply chain between the operating room and device manufacturers.

  • Machine learning algorithms deliver facility-specific data metrics resulting in operating room and inventory optimization.

  • Training and onboarding efficiency improvements.

  • Interoperability with the medical device supply chain ensures the right inventory is always at the right place at the right time.

  • Instruction Sets automate pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative preparation tasks.

  • HIPAA Firewall™ protection across manufacturer and device supplier networks protects patient privacy and PHI data.

      Surgeon Benefits

  • Capable surgical staff fully supported by remote telepresence technology.


  • -Proper setup for each surgery including unique surgeon preferences resulting in smoother procedures, less delays and better results.


  • -Elevated technical product support.


  • -Real-time collaboration tools providing education, training, support and instructions for the entire surgical team.


       Patient Benefits

  • -Less OR traffic with reduced risk of surgical site infections (SSI’s).

  • -More efficient pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care.

Device Systems / Case Types

  • Orthopedic: knee, hip, spine

  • -Trauma cases

  • -Geographically remote surgical facilities

  • -Business continuity platform

Emerging Technologies

Delivering service beyond the device and intelligence beyond the service.  Virtual Vendor™ offers a vehicle for investing in enabling technology that supports a wide range of medical device technical support, supply chain and operational modalities.

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Annual knee, hip and spine procedures continue to rise.  VFI’s technology platform optimizes operating room time, elevates intra-operative support and streamlines pre-operative and post-operative tasks. As a result, hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers are able to increase daily case volume and revenues while decreasing costs through streamlined processes and less foot traffic in and around the operating room.
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Remote Surgical Field Support tools provide comprehensive case coverage and improve the quality of patient care through TeleExpertise™ technology.
The platform provides instant access to all technical resources including setup guides, instructional videos as well as deep linking into surgical technique guides (STG’s), instructions for use (IFU’s) and other key medical device technical resources.
VFI’s technology is the result of decades of medical device experience, navigating complex supply chain issues and providing direct healthcare provider support during live surgeries.  The technology provides repeatable, customizable digital workflows that automate all aspects of orthopedic surgeries across the so called “last mile” of the medical device supply chain. 
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This unique solution allows surgeons, device manufacturers, and hospital staff to collaborate in ways not previously possible.
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OR Rover™

Mobile Workstation

OR Window™

Wall Mount Solution

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OR Vision™

Wearable Computers

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