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OR Rover

A mobile, online workstation that delivers real-time medical device technical support during live surgeries.

Features and Benefits

High Performance

  • Integrated computer with Intel i5-7300U, 8GB RAM, Windows 10

  • Hi resolution monitor, webcam, microphone and speaker system

  • Remote controlled adjustable camera

  • Easy to move on wheels & auto powered adjustable height

  • Crystal clear audio and video communications

  • WIFI Enabled

Robust Medical Grade Design

  • Battery power lasts for 8 hours on a full charge; 2-3-hour recharge

  • Industrial-grade components selected for demanding

  • 24/7 workloads

  • Water resistant enclosure with additional IP65 dust-tight cover

  • Bluetooth for connecting headsets and wearables

Ease of Use

  • No computer knowledge necessary to operate

  • Simple ON\OFF button brings the whole device & platform online

  • Touch-screen menus and voice commands for easy navigation

  • No Keyboard or Mouse required

  • Integrated software backup/ restore and diagnostic capabilities

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The OR Rover™ is designed, built, and tested to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use in surgical environments. These industrial grade Virtual Vendor™ units use Intel Core i-series processors, field-replaceable components and they are delivered with remote diagnostic capabilities enabled.

Whether it is stored outside of the operating room or whether it’s a permanent addition, this workstation moves into place easily with wheel locks available when necessary.  These technical support workstations are designed to meet the diverse needs and requirements of operating room applications.  The OR Rover™ offers a remote-controlled camera. Additional cameras and customizations available for the needs of each individual healthcare provider

Versatile and easy to use

Innovation is critical to healthcare.  Designed specifically for remote medical device field support, the OR Rover™ software interface provides a simple, elegant and powerful solution for device manufacturers to provide expanded technical support coverage on medical devices during live surgeries
Keyboard mouse can be provided as well as auto-powered adjustable height monitor and table top.
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Operating Room Coverage

The OR Rover™ can deploy up to 3 high resolution cameras, one above the monitor and two situated on adjustable arms that can be positioned with a sharp viewing angles of any implant trays, instrument tables or anywhere inside or outside of the sterile field.  These cameras can also be controlled remotely by the RDE™.

A comprehensive 360-degree viewing angle of the entire OR is possible. 

Healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers avoid the administrative overhead and costs associated with on-site vendor Covid-19 testing and credentialing for operating room access during each live surgery.

OR Workz Zones - Example 3 Lite Workstat

Real world Results

  • Keyboard Light. Easily use the slide out keyboard in dim and dark settings with the keyboard light.


  • Large Working Space. Slide out keyboard and mouse tray allow for more use of the work space


  • Dashboard. Front panel LED dashboard allows for battery monitoring, power controls and quick touch buttons for height adjustment when the main monitor is in sleep mode.  Automatic email and text message notifications supported through the Virtual Vendor™ software platform.


  • Motorized Adjustable Height. Quick touch button allows for easy height adjustment for mobile standing or sitting workstation access.


  • IPS 22” 1920x1080 Monitor.  Wide View Angle – 178h – 178v


  • Front and Rear Hand Rails. Easily maneuver the Model 2xw from any angle.


  • Cable Management.  Cable management cavity for clean and clutter-less operation.


  • Anti-static castor wheels.  Easily glide the Model 2xw using front and back rails for quick smooth movements on all surfaces.


  • Anti-Bacterial. The Model 2xw features an anti-bacterial coating to easily sanitize and prevent bacterial growth. 


  • WIFI Enabled.  Fully connected and delivered with remote support and diagnostics capabilities.

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