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Greater Efficiencies & Savings for Medical Device Manufacturers

Features and Benefits

Top line improvements

  • Greater sales force utilization by focusing "hunters" on new sales opportunities and allowing "farmers" to improve customer support for existing accounts.

Bottom line improvements

  • More comprehensive case coverage including trauma and remote healthcare facility locations.

  • Improved technical support with advanced digital product catalogs and instant information access.

  • Logistics automation, inventory optimization and supply chain efficiency features

  • Accelerated cash cycles through automated billing, fewer billing disputes and EMR integrations

  • Training & onboarding efficiency improvements

  • More accurate inventory consumption tracking and simple post-surgery implant and instrument reconciliation.

  • HIPAA Firewall protection across healthcare provider networks.


  • We use highly secure, TeleExpertise technology to streamline medical device technical support in the operating room during live orthopedic surgeries

Device Systems / Case Types

  • Orthopedic - Knee, Hip and Spine

  • Cardiovascular

  • Vision

  • neurosurgery

  • Cranial Maxillofacial

  • Trauma / Remote Surgical Centers

Emerging Technologies

Delivering service beyond the device and intelligence beyond the service.  Virtual Vendor™ provides manufacturers with a vehicle for investing in enabling technology that supports a wide range of medical device technical support, supply chain and operational modalities.

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Virtual Vendor™ is a secure, HIPAA-compliant SaaS solution that improves top line performance and lowers the cost of orthopedic surgeries by providing remote access technology, case coordination and inventory logistics tools for medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers.

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Access to healthcare facilities has become complicated and unpredictable while cost containment pressure related to surgical procedures continues to increase.


Virtual Vendor™ is a simple-to-use SaaS technology platform that allows medical device manufacturers to provide remote surgical field support during live surgeries while optimizing the medical device supply chain through logistics automation tools and machine learning.  

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Our technology expands the medical device companies’ role in supporting healthcare providers.  Our technologies not only increase top line performance and produce better outcomes for both providers and distributors; they also help medical device companies play a wider role in the support journey through improved service, more efficient training and higher quality medical device technical support.

VFI’s innovative solution is focused on supporting the “last mile” of the medical device supply chain and allows device manufacturers and healthcare providers to access and share vital electronic information via a highly secure, proprietary HIPAA Firewall™.  This data includes surgery and operating room schedules, medical device implant products, supply chain and inventory data, patient anatomy profile data and billing information.  

The Virtual Vendor™ platform improves the speed, quality, safety, coordination and cost of orthopedic procedures.


In addition to remote support, Virtual Vendor™ automates adjacent information-processing activities such as case scheduling, onboarding, training and a myriad of other processes that currently burden the health care system. This unique solution allows surgeons, device manufacturers, and hospital staff to collaborate in ways not previously possible.


Over the coming decade, the service and training journey for most medical device companies will be fundamentally altered with the introduction of numerous innovations. Availability of device experts for live surgeries and training will significantly evolve. Medical device companies will leverage technological progress to better connect with hospitals and provide them with intelligence-powered solutions across all major medical device segments. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated these digital innovations.

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For a fraction of the cost of the current paradigm, the Virtual Vendor™ platform completely transforms the work traditionally performed by medical device companies by allowing offsite experts to interact seamlessly with hospital personnel before, during and after surgeries.

With the market evolving ever faster, medical device companies need to consider their positions in the future medical device value chain, to avoid becoming commodity providers. Even the strongest and largest device manufacturers are vulnerable to disruptive entrants, global competition and technological leaps. With a firm focus on the value they bring to future health systems, device manufacturers need to consider brave but essential power plays to reconfigure their value chain. Different segments of the business are likely to require different value chain configurations, necessitating a careful evaluation and alignment of technology options.

Over time our approach will usher in a new paradigm in how medical device companies support their healthcare provider customers. The reps who are best at selling (“hunters”) will spend more time focused on bringing in new business – and less time providing case support and tending to inventory management issues. Meanwhile, device companies will rely increasingly on specialists for these latter tasks, which will result in lower costs, higher quality support and, in turn, less legal exposure for both the vendor and the healthcare provider.

Ultimately smart data will be ever more critical with interoperability and integration as driving factors. Given that telepresence for technical support in the OR is largely new and unexplored territory for most medical device companies today, being open to these new technologies could present opportunities for market leadership. The mantra of ‘move first, monetize later’ will pay off in the longer term as the value of TeleExpertise™ as a core offering is fully realized.

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Relationship management will be critical in order to achieve the desired outcomes of improved top line performance and device technical support at lower costs. Virtual First Inc collaborates with device manufacturers to define these KPI’s while providing cutting-edge technological innovation towards realizing such value.

Visit our website at to schedule a product demo or request more information.

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