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Inside the Operating Room

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Healthcare providers receive enhanced product and procedural support through digitized content and real-time technical support tools focused on medical device implants and instruments.

The Virtual Vendor platform, including hardware, software, installation and training is offered to healthcare providers at no charge.  Click here to request more information:


O P E R A T I N G    R O O M    M O D U L E

Benefits for Healthcare Providers

  • Improved quality of patient care through vastly enhanced technical support tools

  • Reduced SSIs with less people in and out of the operating room

  • HIPAA firewall & secure data exchange with vendors resulting in reduced privacy risks (PHI)

  • Improved case scheduling & management

  • Remote surgeon collaboration tools for proctoring and training

  • Robotics technical support platform

  • Better coordination of suppliers and vendors

Benefits for Device Suppliers

  • Improved sales force utilization and top line improvements

  • More comprehensive case coverage including trauma and remote healthcare facilities locations

  • Improved technical support with advanced digital product catalogs

  • Logistics automation and supply chain features

  • Accelerated cash cycles through automated billing and EMR integrations.

  • Training & onboarding efficiency improvements

The Operating Room Module runs on three (3)  different hardware configurations :

W A L L    M O U N T    U N I T S

Mobile Cart - Single 04.jpg

M O B I L E :   O R    R O V E R 


W E A R A B L E    C O M P U T E R S 

KIT view.png
VV Dashboard-04 2019-11-13_15-21-16.jpg

Engaging surgeons and their leadership in TeleExpertise

V I R T U A L    F I R S T    T R A N S F O R M A T I O N    P R O G R A M

  • Develop an enterprise approach to medical device technical support via TeleExpertise technology

  • Align and engage surgeons and clinical staff to advance virtual technical support in the OR

  • Collaborate with medical device manufacturers to reduce costs

  • Establish formal and informal training programs

  • Identify and overcome institutional policy barriers

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