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Greater Efficiencies & Savings 

For Medical Device Manufacturers, Distributors and Representatives

Features and Benefits

Tele-Expertise / Telepresence

  • We use highly secure, tele-expertise technology to streamline medical device technical support in the operating room during live orthopedic surgeries

Device Systems / Case Types

  • Orthopedic - Knee, Hip and Spine

  • Cardiovascular

  • Vision

  • Gynecology

  • Cranial Maxillofacial

  • Trauma / Remote Surgical Centers

Emerging Technologies

Delivering service beyond the device and intelligence beyond the service.  Virtual Vendor™ represents a true shift from cost to smart value and provides manufacturers with a vehicle for investing in enabling technology that supports a wide range of medical device technical support and training models.

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We reduce the cost of orthopedic procedures by removing the need for device company representatives to be physically present in the operating room.  Our technology uses tele-expertise technology along with interactive audio and visual communication between the operating room and a product expert in a remote location.


When manufacturers spend less time in the operating room, they save money and those savings are shared with hospitals and Virtual First.  The hospitals achieve the benefit of reduced procedure costs and a host of other benefits by reducing traffic in and around their operating rooms.

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This module is used in the OR during surgery and opens a technical support portal to the remote device expert 

This module is used in the OR during surgery and opens a technical support portal to the remote device expert 

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This module is used by surgical coordinators, physicians assistants (PA's) and other hospital staff to schedule and coordinate cases within the Virtual Vendor Network.  


Quickly and easily capture, annotate and share images (iCas™) or any information between a certified Remote Device Expert and the Operating Room.


We do not charge the manufacturer or the healthcare provider any upfront fees for installation of software or hardware in the operating rooms. Virtual First handles all the training and with no up-front costs to the hospitals or manufacturers, our solution allows them to reap benefits and begin saving on day 1 - without any capital expenditures.


Our technology solution is device manufacturer agnostic and lives with the healthcare providers in their operating rooms.

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An additional 30%-50% or greater decrease in costs for covering live surgeries including:


Manufacturers & Distributors can choose to reduce headcount formerly necessary to cover cases and staff up with much less expensive dedicated remote product experts.


A single, dedicated remote device expert (RDE) can cover 12 cases per day at ½ the cost of covering cases with existing reps today.  Tap into the Virtual Vendor Network...a dynamic, inexpensive model for covering cases. Utilize an expansive, device certified, resource pool including: work-from-home-parents, ex-pharma reps, ex-device reps, even high performing medical students looking to create additional income.

More accurate inventory consumption tracking and simple post-surgery implant and instrument reconciliation.

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Virtual Vendor™ tele-expertise features empower device reps to do more in less time.


Trauma:  Greater availability and lower costs covering these cases.

Easily cover cases in outlying and hard to reach facilities resulting in lower cost structure.

Healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers avoid the administrative overhead and costs associated with on-site vendor Covid-19 testing and credentialing for operating room access during each live surgery.

Significant increase in sales over time due to the fact that sales reps will have on average up to 50% more time to procure new accounts. Immediate savings on expenses covering cases including travel, meals, lodging, surgery delays, cancellations or postponements.

Lower training costs and time spent on-boarding new staff - up to 50%!


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Virtual Vendor gives reps and distributors a significant competitive advantage since they will not require cover reps or waste time in procedures. More time is now available to sell to new surgeons and healthcare providers.  On-site coverage is always available at the vendors/providers discretion or for complex cases.


Business continuity strategy  for Device Manufacturers & Distributors

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