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NEW HAVEN, CT., November 1, 2021 - Virtual First Inc, developers of Virtual Vendor™, the first fully integrated surgical business workflow platform for the medical device industry today announced that Walter J. Humann has been named as Chief Executive Officer. Humann has more than 20 years’ experience as CEO of OsteoMed LLC, a highly successful, fast growing, global medical device manufacturing company.

During his leadership, OsteoMed’s value soared with record annual revenues, sustained profit growth, process improvements, product development, acquisitions and conservative financial management. Walt led OsteoMed through three ownership changes, culminating in the recent sale to Berkshire Hathaway.

“Walt is the right leader for Virtual First” said Co-Founder Ken Ramirez. “Walt’s extensive medical device background and business development skills should help Virtual First strengthen channel partnerships, develop strategic alliances and establish our commercial sales presence. We believe his strong leadership experience will help focus Virtual First on our newly reimagined and lower cost medical device delivery system as the industry continues to evolve through the rapid digital innovation initiatives we have seen over the past year.”

- Ken Ramirez, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Virtual First Inc.

About Walt Humann


Walt is a results-oriented leader with a proven record for growing businesses and increasing shareholder value in diverse industries including medical device manufacturing, software development and banking. He is grateful for each opportunity to assemble and lead talented, high-performing teams as best demonstrated over his almost 20 years as President/CEO of OsteoMed LLC. A highly responsible and self-starting decision maker, Walt pursues common sense solutions to complex problems. He is a servant leader, synergizing people around a shared mission and helping teams successfully navigate periods of

 significant change and disruption related to technology, market, regulatory and ownership changes. Walt’s core skills include Executive Leadership, General Management, team-building, organizational and cultural transformation and active, open communications. He enjoys competition and excels at strategic planning and execution, organizational restructurings and business development, including acquisitions and innovative product/service design and development. He has a strong reputation for reliably delivering quality results and creating a rewarding, entrepreneurial, family environment for employees based on trust and accountability

About Virtual First Inc.

Virtual First Inc is a healthcare technology company providing innovative TeleExpertise™ and digital workflow solutions that increase safety and streamline operations between medical device manufacturers and hospitals. The company's technology allows medical device manufacturers and surgical centers to more efficiently manage orthopedic surgeries including all associated supply chain and administrative tasks and offers the potential to completely transform the work traditionally performed by medical device manufacturers and healthcare providers. For more information visit:

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